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The Next Big Thing: Live Video Broadcasting

Last year, Twitter’s Periscope launched with much fanfare, kickstarting a new push by social media into live video broadcasting. Since then, Twitter has seen millions of users start using the app to share live broadcasts with followers across the world, with over 10 million registered accounts in 2015 alone, and all the major social networks getting involved.

At Periscope’s core is the ability to broadcast live video of events quickly and easily. Until Periscope, most video sharing was confined to webchatting or maybe the occasional Google Hangout, but it often lacked the large scale shareability that’s the mark of a successful social media app. Unlike most other video sharing services, Periscope was designed as a mobile app first, making it super simple for users to pull out their phone and start broadcasting almost instantaneously. Some friends can’t make it to a wedding? Pull up Periscope and let them join in the celebration. Gone on vacation to a beautiful resort? Show it off for all your followers to see. After all, it’s easy integration into Twitter means followers can get notifications when you start broadcasting and even watch you right from their newsfeed.

The dramatic success that Periscope has seen since its launch has pushed live video broadcasting into the spotlight, so much so that even Facebook has sat up and taken notice. The social networking goliath recently launched Facebook Live, which allows users to broadcast live video to the public, friends, or groups, with viewer reactions, emojis, and discovery tools all available. Meanwhile, Google is rumoured to be preparing its own foray into the burgeoning live broadcasting market.

With so many big names making a push, it’s safe to say that live broadcasting is here to stay. And as video enthusiasts, we’re glad to see it. Live video broadcasting will never take the place of professional video production, but it’s always great to see people taking an interest in video and to be able to soak up all the great inspiration that so much sharing offers.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some broadcasts to watch...